Causes Of Heel Pain And Treatment Options
November 15, 2016
Category: Podiatry
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Heel pain can be an annoyance and even affect your ability to walk and stand comfortably. While heel pain is a common complaint in heel painrunners, anyone can experience it. Dr. Corinne Kauderer at Dyker Heights Advanced Foot & Dental Wellness in Brooklyn, New York can help you determine the cause of your heel pain in order to treat it correctly.

What is causing my heel pain?

Heel pain builds up gradually over time and can be worse when pressure is applied to the heel. The pain may be more noticeable while walking or standing or first thing in the morning. Symptoms include pain, swelling, heat and redness. While heel pain can have different causes, some common culprits include:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • trauma or sudden injury
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • bone spurs
  • pinched nerves
  • stress fractures
  • bursitis
  • tendonitis

When should I see my podiatrist?

If you experience pain so severe that it is difficult to walk or if the pain has lasted for a few weeks and hasn't gone away on its own, it's time to make an appointment with Dr. Kauderer. If your heel pain is left untreated it could progress and become more painful. 

What are the options for treatment?

There are several ways to treat this condition. Some at-home treatments that may be beneficial to mild cases of heel pain include plenty of rest, stretching or exercises, changing your shoes and using an ice pack or over-the-counter medications. However, your doctor will examine your foot to determine the base cause of your pain and develop a treatment plan.

Some of the treatment options may include over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, physical therapy exercises like rolling a ball along the heel and wearing orthotic devices like night splints to support and stabilize the injured foot. Your doctor may prescribe these orthotics to align the bones or muscles or distribute pressure evenly. Dr. Kauderer also uses EPAT technology to treat heel pain. It is acoustic vibration tech that treats heel pain and fasciitis without injections. In the most severe cases, surgery may be needed.

If you are experiencing heel pain, it’s time to stop your suffering. If your symptoms are severe and you don’t notice a reduction in your symptoms then it’s time to call us for a proper diagnosis. For more information on heel pain, please contact Dr. Corinne Kauderer at Dyker Heights Advanced Foot & Dental Wellness in Brooklyn, New York. Call to speak with an associate about scheduling your appointment today!