The Importance Of Diabetic Foot Care
February 09, 2017
Category: Podiatry
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While foot pain is not uncommon, individuals with diabetes who experience foot pain need to be especially careful as it could be an diabetic foot careindicator of a larger problem. It is vital that you work with our Dyker Heights podiatrist Dr. Corinne Kauderer of Dyker Heights Advanced Foot & Dental Wellness in Brooklyn, NY. She can help you to learn more about the warning signs and work with you to prevent the foot pain and complications you can experience as a diabetic. The care you provide to your feet now will ultimately allow you mobility in the future.

There are a variety of things to consider when discussing diabetic foot care including the type of shoes that you wear. Not all footwear is good for your feet, especially if you have diabetes. You want to select footwear that is going to do the job of keeping your feet healthy and fits your feet properly. Take the time to discuss the options with your Dyker Heights podiatrist. Improperly fitting shoes can cause issues such as blisters, sores and calluses which can cause further damage if not treated promptly.

If you have diabetes, you may not be able to feel if your shoes are too tight or if you have damaged your foot, which is why it's important for you to examine your feet daily and visit us on a regular basis. Neuropathy or damage of the nerves in your feet can make it difficult to sense if your feet have been injured. Issues such as ingrown toenails, scrapes and cuts should also receive prompt attention from your Dyker Heights podiatrist. To help combat and treat neuropathy, we use NIR-Near Infrared technology as well as prescription and natural oral vitamins.

Diabetic foot care may not be your high priority, but if untreated or neglected, it can lead to larger problems such as infections and possible loss of limb. If you experience any foot pain you should visit your Dyker Heights diabetic foot care expert right away. Dr. Kauderer at Dyker Heights Advanced Foot & Dental Wellness Center can help you to get the relief that you deserve. Call us today at (718) 232-2100 to schedule an appointment.